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About the TDCJ-ID Employees Unofficial Newsletter


 Web Master: Ralph Avery  

Purpose: This web site is designed to be a place where TDCJ-ID employees can contact other TDCJ-ID employees, and exchange information. With the vast expansion of our department within recent years, it's difficult to know where the units are let alone who works on them. We often meet someone, and they transfer. Then we don't know how to contact them. This site includes an E-mail contacts section for which TDCJ-ID employees could at least contact someone from that unit, and see if the person even still works there. It's also good for networking.

The site is also a place for employees to get general information. I won't publish anything degrading or personal regarding staff, or the department. If an issue needs to be raised, I will attempt to get the information to the right people as long as the issue is not an anarchist move to overthrow the department or anything like that.

How it All Started: I recently started messing with HTML. I wanted to create a web site that TDCJ-ID employees could use, enjoy, and participate in. I honestly didn't realize how much work was involved, so I guess you could call this thing a hobby now. I've since started borrowing ideas from others, getting help from the web, and asking questions on how to improve the site. I feel like I'm making a few improvements, but I know there's still tons to learn.
If you would like to start a site, and don't know where to start, contact me. I'll tell you how I started, and I may even have some helpful advice. I personally couldn't have gotten this one off the ground without a little help from a man named Bill Younts who works at the Montford Unit. He gave me the basic knowledge to start, and I took it from there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
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 Associate Web Master: Paul (Catchout) Anderson

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Like many of you, about a year ago, I stumbled onto this web site. I got excited and contacted Ralph and started making submissions. He helped me get into html and helped me with my web site, Catchout's Place, and no matter what he says he did most the work on the Dictionary.

Since then I've watch this site grow into something great. Because of Ralph vision COs are doing something that hasn't been done since TDCJ was just a couple of units. We are communicating with each other across the state. No longer are we just concerned with what is happening on our own units.

On 9/7/99 Ralph did something I wasn't expecting, he asked for some help. I jumped all over that. I don't think you will be able to detect a change in the site as far as content, why change what works. As it has been from the start this site is what you make of it, so keep those submissions coming in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
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